The riding is a sport that is practiced at the ’ open air via a horse that is normally mounted to the saddle. More rarely practice riding with horses attached. Being primarily a form of use of free time, It tends to do so in the company of other riders to enjoy natural beauties together and overcome the difficulties riding in the countryside. AND’ a sport that requires some equestrian experience and a good physical preparation especially if there is limited to short walks but if you want to tackle even more days trips in unknown territory. The horse riding can be practised even in old age, It does not cost much and allows, World corners to discover otherwise unreachable by other means. Among the Knights of equestrian tourism socializing immediately and strengthen friendships often around tables, at the end of the various excursions on horseback. The Italian territory lends itself beautifully to the practice of this sport and that is why, especially in certain regions, were born many equestrian tourism centres that allow riders to spend their holidays with their horses with horses for rent. Horse equestrian tourism shall have those morphological characteristics that training that permit to move safely on the ground and with comfortable gaits. Must have good diameters, be resistant to fatigue, with a good dose of courage, balanced and with good hooves. Currently Italy has the FISE that Fiteec-ANTE propose as referents for the ’ organization and promotion of equestrian tourism. There are also other non-affiliated associations in these two bodies that collect many practitioners.

The Miura Club offers horse riding in contact with uncontaminated nature, to discover the beauty and variety of the landscapes of Abruzzo.

A ride of silence, along shady paths or following the soft curves of a river, It is the easiest and most scenic to visit this land, immersing himself in his colours and scents.

An unforgettable journey through forests and beaches, hills and Plains, to be suspended in a different time, slower.

And don't overlook the ’ itinerary of taste and savour typical dishes of the Abruzzo, a short stay in agriturismo, where can I find the Customs and the rhythms of a simple life.